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The Tsovatsots company has become well established in the hospitality and tourism sector in the past decade with Bashinjaghyan restaurant and Lavash hotel right on the shore of picturesque lake Sevan nestled between impressive Gegham mountains. The philosophy of Tsovatsots is crafting a truly memorable experience on Armenia through unveiling every corner of our old and impressive country, sharing our authentic culture and tasting natural and home-made food. Our seamless blend of country-house character and contemporary 4-star hotel will make you feel completely at home- whether taking tea at our Bashinjaghyan tea house, relaxing at the beach or enjoying a glass of Armenian wine on the lake terrace. Visit Armenia, a small country with ancient history, warm-hearted people and stunning nature.


Want to explore millennial villages with ancient food receipts and atmosphere? Then Armenia is just for you.

During this trip, you will discover the secrets of ancient Armenian villages: traditions, legends, crafts, songs and dances, cuisine.

You will feel yourself as a part of millennial culture and people's lifestyle, live as a villager and become one of them.

Peace starts in the village. Welcome to our village; a peace harbour. We reserved a piece of peace for you.



Armenia is the ancient cradle of humanity. The ruins of millennial villages, monasteries and fortresses can be explored here, rock paintings and "Snake-stones" (Vishapakar); the traces of our giant ancestors can be found on the summits of high mountains.  

We will lead you to the primeval times; the world of our mysterious forefathers.

The call of millenniums in Armenia is so close, that it seems the primitive people just put the campfire out in the fireplace and you can light it again today.



Our ancient monasteries and churches are alive. Khachkars (Cross-Stones), monasteries, churches and chapels can be found on every step. Armenians are praying people.    

Our country, bearing the living evidences of beliefs starting from the I century AD, will bring peace to you by taking you on the footprints of Gregory the Illuminator (First Armenian Patriarch-III-IV centuries), apostles Thaddeus and Bartholomew, virgins Gayane and Hripsime.  

Visit the pure and untouched church built on the testimony of the apostles.



Armenia is the crossroads of East and West. Our cuisine is a concentration of eastern and western culinary with the best performance.

We will take you to the cache of flavours an tastes: Armenian village, where you can taste courses and drinks reached to us from dates back centuries, performed by rural housewives.